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You’ll find there the recordings of the 3rd GRIN Conference

Dr.XavierAltafaj, IDIBELL Institute – Review of NMDA receptor and how to go about getting diagnosed

Prof. Mireia Olivella, Vic University – GRIN Database: a new database containing genetic, clinical, structural and function information on GRIN variants

Dr. A. García-Cazorla, Hospital Sant Joan de Deu – Function of the NMDA receptor association with the child’s symptoms and possible treatments

Dr.Natalia Julià, Hospital Sant Joan de Deu – Tolerability and efficacy of L-Serine in patients with Grin-Related Encephalopathy (Clinical trail review)

Dr. Kjartan F. Herrik – EEG and behavioral research data on pharmacological modulation of NMDA receptors, including GluN2B selective modulation

Jenny-Li Örsell, MSce. BeyondtheNMDAreceptor-Raredisorder parent’s perspective

Dr.Z.Wen, Emory University – Brain Organiods : how they could help us understand and treat GRIN kids

Dr. Amy Ramsey, University of Toronto – How mouse models are used to study GRIN

Roundtable discussion with experts